Sunday, October 26, 2008

1 irrefutable Reason to vote Obama

Okay- first we have to apologize for not writing for a while- and secondly for delving into politics.
Now to the crux of the matter.

We have been watching the presidential debates quite avidly this time around- and one thing keeps striking me above all others.
Intelligence- No, not the secret spy clandestine kind.

The kind I thought people admired- the "I have a real 'Intellect' kind".
Why wouldn't we want the person to represent our country be as bright as possible?
Isn't that what world leaders respect?
I know I do.
- and while that is certainly not the only criteria to being our leader- the opposite definitely aught be true-
If you just are not that bright- you should NOT and can not be our highest representative.
Joe 6 pack, Joe plumber and and Joe Schmo;
Lets all use our intelligence and eloquence, and vote smarter.

PS- Please do not take this to mean that I believe that I would be an intelligent representative of anything other than my pet cat.

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