Friday, August 1, 2008

Music is an addiction (thanks TSA)

Well hello again; and this time I'm coming to you from Edinburgh, Scotland while on vacation.

I've discovered that not having a working instrument can really be a *itc* on your psyche and general state of mind.

You may be asking yourself why a musician would be going away for two weeks and not have an instrument that they can play.

I was asking myself the same question a few nights before I left; and concluded that it wasn't a good idea, so I lovingly got a medium hard/soft case and a lot of bubble wrap and put my instrument carefully and lovingly inside- even testing it a bit to make sure that it would hold under most circumstances.

After arriving in Scotland thru New york and the UK I discovered that one of my two bags had not arrived with me, but the airline repeatedly assured me that it would be coming soon, oh, very soon.

A day later, it did in fact arrive, and while the case looked completely intact, I couldn't shake that certain feeling.
Yes, my Bass neck was broken in 3 places- of course there was a lovely note from the TSA saying that they had inspected it. (of course they didn't mention the shifted, no longer protected belongings)
And while in fact I might be safer when I fly now,
I know my Bass isn't.

PS- It was 'inspected' two times more on my return home. Thankfully it was already broken.

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