Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pimpin' the "J" word

Yeah that "j" word.
Everywhere we turn there are "jazz" festivals being advertised in well known media locales.
It seems that now a days there are hundreds of Jazz festivals every month;
but don't be fooled.
Very few of these festivals have what most of us would consider anything resembling Jazz.
Yes, its just a word: but that word is used to justify all sorts of reasons not to play real Jazz music;
and yet- to call every festival a Jazz festival.

Not only that, but when are we going to redefine what the word "mainstream" really means.
All of these "terms" that the industry uses are just jargon to justify doing what they have always done.
"sell quick"
"sell in volume"
Just as long as it can
"sell ".

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