Monday, January 26, 2009

Historical colorings...

The Number 12 plays a significant role in the connection between music and art. It is the number of keys in our Western musical system and the number of colors on our Color Wheel.
(not to mention the Zodiac and the 12 tribes of Israel.)

The idea of combining music and art goes back to at least Ancient Greece when philosophers questioned weather there was a physical embodiment to music.

There are many well-known artists who have worked on this premise; Many of whom may not have been actual Synesthetes.
The list includes Isaac Newton who thought there was a correspondence between the frequencies of color and sound, Painter Arcimboldo, Paul Klee,Vassily Kandinsky, Alexander Scriabin and Duke Ellington.

Many of these folks tried to discover a relationship between notes or keys and colors, and developed their own system for doing so.

It seems like more than a coincidence that in Western thought, we have divided our systems so similary- so correspondence between the 2 seems so natural.

More to come...

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