Monday, June 2, 2008

Why Jazz is truly America's Music

We know that for years Jazz has been referred to overseas as America's Music, but why?
For years, Jazz has been the voice of america: Its been the music that we tout to other cultures as representing us or U.S.

We have developed other music here in America, so what makes Jazz special, and how does it truly reflect our values and culture?

Our country's core value is Freedom. Freedom to speak and criticize, Freedom to express, and Freedom to make your own choices.

Freedom is essential in any music that contains improvisation as a primary element like Jazz.
However, just like in our country freedom does have some limits.
One must adhere to our country's laws, often for the benefit of all; Jazz has similar restrictions like form and harmony that must be dealt with- but the amount of choices you can make within those forms is enormous.

But Jazz also contains elements which other improvisational music does not. The most important of those is what we call 'swing'.
Swing reflects the heartbeat of our nation better than any other rhythm.
The true feeling of swing comes from the polyrhythmic feel of cultures fused together just like our country.

When you hear Bossa Nova you immediately think Brazil.
Ska, Soca, Polka all are immediately associated with their countries of origin.

When you hear, real hard swing you think...


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