Sunday, May 25, 2008

Music in our schools for the wealthy is not making us healthy or wise

Recently I remarked to a parent that 'they' (meaning the school chancellor, board, gov't etc.) just don't get how important the Arts are to any kid's education.

"No", she said, "they get it; they only send their children to schools that have a FULL arts program."
...and she's right!
The school chancellor, mayor, and every single Senator would not and have not sent their children schools without Music, Art, Dance, Ironic isn't it? Are we really still willing to accept such an uneven, biased public education system?

Even in ancient Greece they understood the importance of arts education.

I remember one of my friends in music school (college) telling me that without music, he would never have made it through high school; and this is a common for a lot of kids.
Just about every student has a bent in at least one of the intelligences; but in today's climate, it seems like we are more than willing to let a few of them go-
As long as he can read and count, I guess 3/5 of him is just fine-
You just better hope that he/she is not the doctor on call during your next emergency.

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