Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More on the colors

So, in our last post we left you with:
Cmajor- being the yellow color- and its complement Gbmajor being Violet (just like the colors)
If you follow the circle of fifths in music and correspond them with the colors you will see

Gmajor being the yellowgreen color on the right
F major the yelloworange- lets keep it going down the left side.
Bb major being orange
Eb red-orange
Ab red
Db red-violet
which of course brings you to Gb.
Now do the same for the sharps- after G you have
D Green
A BlueGreen
E Blue
B Blue Violet
which brings you once again to Gb- violet.
It really is an astounding correlation when you think about it.

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guillame said...

Your color concept for the circle of fifths is interesting.

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Bill Byrne