Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Hang - Where is the Arts community today?

We often hear stories from older musicians and artist friends about the 'hang'. Back in the 70's it seems that all kinds of artists would hang out together all the time.
If you were a modern painter you knew of all of the folks in the Jazz scene, and vice versa. There was a true community of artists sharing social, artistic and personal ideas.

Didn't Harlem have great painters and musicians and writers and philosophers together?

What about today...
Where do all of these artists hang out? Not in college.

The internet is certainly one place, but where are all of the important discussions on social and artistic thought?
Sure we can go to lectures but thats not always discussion.
Sure we can go to concerts and art openings but where are the elements of sharing ideas?

We need to go back to discovering a place for the exchange of artistic thought- without being afraid of PCness.

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Brett Terry said...

I often ponder the hang question - specifically, to what extent hanging has been venue dependent, and ultimately dependent on the idea (and usually person) of a "Connector" (cf. The Tipping Point). My personal thought is that people who are natural connectors need the right amount of reduced friction and incentive to facilitate the forums, venues, and spaces that germinate and catalyze musically happening scenes. Perhaps this task has common more difficult with a greater degree of distraction and noise and the perception that the internet is trying (albeit superficially) to take on this role.

A friend referred me to your blog - keep it coming!